Kandali Festival: Kandali Festival

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Kandali Festival


Kandali Festival

In the Chaudans region of Pithoragarh district, a flower - Kandali ( Strobilenthes wallichii ) - blooms once every twelve year ( last in 1999 ) and the people celebrate Kandali festival between the month of August and October. In the week long festival the local people - shaukar or the Rangs - participate with gaiety and enthusiasm in different villages of the region .

The festival begin with the worship of a Shiva Linga made of Barley and Buck wheat flour mixture . Local liquor is traditionally used during this festival . Every household performs it in a decorated corner of the courtyard . People pray for prosperity . The individual Poojas are followed by a community feast . Then, the women and men, in that traditional dresses and laden with gold and silver ornaments , assembled around a tree on a sacred ground of the village . Strips of white cloth are tied to the tree and a flag is raised .